Tuesday, 1 April 2014

My Invention: The Hovercar

Are you sick and tired of driving on four wheels on the ground?
Well now you don’t have to! Introducing the Hovercar.
Now you can hover above the ground. If you don’t want that you can turn back into any type of car! For only $10.
Its got a cup holder and GPS. You can fit seven people in the Hovercar. WOW, it’s massive! It's got a beautiful kitchen and an awesome bathroom. Even a lounge. Its got electricity and a TV with my Sky+ on it. Do you have a dog that you can't fit in your car? Well the Hovercar has a kennel and its got five bedrooms that you can even live in.


  1. Jaree I have enjoyed reading your story. I especially like how you are drawing your reader in by asking them questions and using exclamation marks.

  2. thats awesome i hope u become an inventor in the future FYI (please invent it )