Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Hi I'm back to tell you about my weekend.On Saturday I went to my friends place in eltham.We took ruby my dog to run around the backyard.When I got there me and him connected on minecraft we made a house in the side of a mountain.we got lots of bones from skeletons and I found a wolf I tried to tame it but I didn't work so I killed it.It was on survival.The day after we talked to mahlee to meet up at the school so we did.Me Mahlee his little brother jethro were playing then suddenly Nicholas turned up and played on the playground. The we played basket ball because jethro brought his ball.My mum gave me five dollars to go to the dairy with Nicholas. When Mahlee and jethro left in the tractor they left me and Nicholas to go to the dairy. When got there we brought a drink and bubblegum. Then we dropped Nicholas off at the school.Oh I almost forgot something on Friday I'm pretty sure on Friday taranaki v Tasman. I watched it and we won yessssssssssssss. So the wrest of weekend I got movies like spider man 2 Godzilla.

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